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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Historic Scotland Stone Mason's Workshop

At The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine,
May 12th

On May 12-13, 2010 Kenny McCaffrey and Malcolm Hutcheon, two award winning Scottish Stone Mason's from Historic Scotland,* shared their stone carving skills with students of ADC’s Workforce Development Youth Build masonry preservation program.
Students watched, listened and participated throughout the hands-on workshop to learn about stone carving techniques and masonry construction.
The first day of the Workshop took place on the grounds of The Cathedral of Saint John The Divine and students toured the Cathedral to learn about its history and its unique construction.
They also toured the on-site workshop of the Cathedral’s stone carving artisan-in-residence, Chris Pellettieri.
From these activities, awareness grew as to how the skills of the Scottish masons related to masonry construction and building conservation in the United States.
All students participating developed a greater appreciation of the work of stone masons, and the grandeur of monumental buildings.
* Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government that safeguards the country’s historic environment (buildings, landmarks, castles, etc.) and promotes their understanding and enjoyment on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

The stone carving handiwork of Chris Pelletierri, inside the Cathedral

Workshop Day 2 at ADC Park, West 127th Street, Harlem, May 13th

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  1. Hi, some great pics, this has inspired me a lot. I hoping to set up a sculpting/stonemasons event in Ireland this summer, to show the public the skills and depth of craft out there, any suggestions as to running an event? Many thanks, Dale tools4stone.