New York City has 8,250,000 people and 975,000 buildings.
It also has the only high school program in the country for hands-on masonry preservation, building conservation and green sustainable construction.
This blog offers a glimpse into that program.

The textbook developed from the curriculum and lessons: "Masonry History Integrity An Urban
Conservation Primer" is a free download at this web site:

The recent entries are in the LinkedIn Group: Masonry History Integrity & Urban Conservation.


  David Richter
   Boston Valley
   Terra Cotta

Andy deGruchy
deGruchy Masonry Restoration

Al Lutzkow

Chris Pelliteri
Stone Carving

Joe Humann
Flag Restoration
Building Conservation
Historic Preservation

John Bourne
 Facade Cleaning

John Graham
NYC Landmark Preservation Commission
Architectural Preservation

Jason Merillat
Williamson Free School
of Mechanical Trades

 Dan Dinusio
 DMS Studio
 Stone Carving

Dan Perakes
Cathedral Stone
Terra Cotta & Stone Patching

Simon Ressner
Rand Engineering & Architecture
Worksite Safety